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Blog Marketing

Blog Marketing is the term used to describe Internet Marketing via website blogs. Blogs differ from websites because they feature daily or typepad-blog-websites-design-marketingweekly posts, often around a single topic. Typically, organizations use blogs to create a dialog with customers and explain features of their products and services (info adapted from Wikipedia). I came across another good productivity tool that’s easy to use and allows you to blog like a pro. Continue reading

Digital Marketing for the 21st Century


Digital Marketing is the most important component of an online business. Sometimes it is referred to as: Internet Marketing, i-Marketing, Web Marketing, Online Marketing or e-Marketing. Digital Marketing is marketing of products or services over the Internet. Marketing is the process of promoting goods or services. The final objective is to sell these products. The focus of all marketing actions should be on the customer in order to stay profitable. Your main goal should be to create, keep, and satisfy the customer. The 21st Century Digital Marketing is a lot more challenging. Continue reading


A Facebook Cover Can Help Your Business


Many social media based businesses are created all the time. For instance, when the Facebook cover was introduced, a large number of new sites began offering free and premium Facebook cover. This kind of online companies are quite rewarding. The most effective individual niches on Google obtain millions of Facebook likes, and the power of these millions of likes is used to market different products and services. Continue reading


Local Mobile Website Lease

Small businesses could lease now a mobile website optimized for local search for less than $1 per day. Any business would like to be ranked on top by major search engines. Designing, developing, and maintaining a website is a major expense for a small business. The vast majority of design companies sell websites. Mobile website lease is a new approach. Renting a website already on top in the search engines is a much more appealing approach to the small business owners who want their business to be found locally right away. Even larger businesses would like to rent a website ranked on top rather than developing their own website and be lost somewhere in the cyberspace. Continue reading


Social Media Impact for eMarketing 21


Social Media Impact score is a measure of how much a site is popular on social networks. is very popular in Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus and scored 100 Social Media Impact. The CoolSocial report was updated on 4 Jun 2015. You can refresh this social media impact analysis to update. Continue reading

Craigslist Small Business Ads


This is one of eMarketing 21 Business Consulting Company ads on Craigslist in the Small Business Ads section for West Los Angeles – South Bay: NEED an OVERHAUL on YOUR WEBSITE or a NEW WEBSITE ??? (West Los Angeles – South Bay). 


If you are a small business who can not afford to contract a big marketing agency, we have AFFORDABLE RATES and can help you engage your customers with: Continue reading




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