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Mobile Website Design and Development

Mobile Website and Blog are the next big thing for Internet Marketing.
A Mobile Website is designed for a mobile device screen and will require a different style of web design to make it easy for users to read the text and take advantage of the services or products offered. Statistics show 5.3 billion mobile subscribers as July 2011 (Google) and only 2 billion computer users. The Mobile Website is becoming a business standard. Your Mobile Website will be a shorter version of a regular site optimized for a faster search. eMarketing 21™ is using HTML5 and Responsive Web Design to change the way you interact with your customers and offer them a seamless mobile experience. With our Mobile Website Design, your site and/or blog will be viewed properly on all mobile devices.


Mobile Email Marketing and Text Marketing

Mobile Email and Text Marketing will help you take to market your products and services over the Mobile Devices.
You have to communicate with your customers via mobiles to reach most of them. eMarketing 21™ can design and optimize your email messages and newsletters for mobile phone and tablet, and create and manage your mobile email campaigns. Text marketing is increasingly being used by consumer brands, TV and radio stations, and many other large organizations to provide alerts, offers, news, deals, updates, coupons, and other time-sensitive information to their customers wherever they may be. eMarketing 21™ designs, develops, and executes text marketing campaigns of varying sizes, and is expert at developing comprehensive text marketing and communication solutions.

Mobile SEO and Reputation Management

Mobile SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Local Search Optimization and Responsive Design are strongly recommended by Google.
Would you like your mobile website to show up on the first page on Google when people search on their smartphones or tablets? Local Search Optimization has the purpose to increase local targeted traffic from search engines. Mobile searchers want to find local results when they search on their phone or tablet. Also, if your company reputation it is tarnished, you lose customers, sales, employees, and partners. eMarketing 21™ can optimize your content appropriately and help you get positive reviews. Whatever goods or services your company sells there is a certain local market for it and your business could benefit tremendously from our Local Search Optimization and Reputation Management services.


Social Media Integration and Management

Social Media Integration is a must if you want to rank well in Google and other search engines.
More than 72 million Americans access social networking sites via their mobile devices. Social Networking via mobile devices is growing each day. There is no longer a separation between social and mobile consumers. Even if all social networks have apps, the majority of mobile traffic still comes from the mobile web. The main social networks, Facebook and Twitter, have matured their marketing tools and managing social media requires expertise now. eMarketing 21™ will setup your social media accounts, design your Facebook fan page, LinkedIn and Google Plus company pages, integrate your social media accounts with your website, and design and manage your social media marketing campaigns.

Endorsements for Mobile Web Design, Internet, Integration, Web Design and Development, Digital Marketing, Software Applications, Published Author, Dreamweaver, Computer Graphics, Proposal Writing, and Blogging

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Mobile Website Design     Search Engine Optimization     Internet Marketing     Mobile Email Design     Wordpress Blog Design

News & Events

6th / October / 2009
Intellisys XXI, a company founded in 1994 to promote the Art, Science, and Technology, is launching the new website to help small and home based businesses succeed in a challenging economy.

9th / December / 2009
Intellisys XXI is launching the new eMarketing 21™ blog where business owners can find articles and news related to Internet Marketing and Online Business.

30th / November / 2010
Intellisys XXI is launching the redesigned website.

30th / August / 2011
eMarketing 21™ span-off Intellisys XXI; and registered as an independent Mobile Marketing Agency in West Los Angeles to offer Internet Marketing services including Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to home-based and small businesses. We are specialized in Mobile and Hybrid Websites, Mobile and Hybrid Wordpress Blogs, Mobile Emails and Newsletters, Mobile Microsites and Landing Pages, and Optimization for Cellular Phones and other Mobile Devices.

23th / May / 2014
eMarketing 21™ launched its response design website Mobile Marketing optimized for all platforms including smartphone and tablet.



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