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Text marketing is increasingly being used by consumer brands, TV and radio stations, and many other large organizations

to provide alerts, offers, news, deals, updates, coupons, and other time-sensitive information to their customers wherever they may be. eMarketing 21™, located in West Los Angeles, designs, develops, and executes text marketing campaigns of varying sizes, and is expert at developing comprehensive text marketing and communication solutions.

An Introduction to Text Marketing

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Text Marketing – Pricing

  • Text Message design price: $47 each and $97/campaign. Keyword, hosting, and other mobile marketing expenses charged by your host are not included in price.

Here is the transcript of the “An Introduction to Text Marketing” video:

Jane: Hello Mike, how are you doing? You look quite busy in concerned!
Mike: How is your business going by, Jane? I copy some flyers to advertise my business… I heard about a new marketing technique… Do you know anything about text marketing?
Jane: Yeah, right now this is a top advertising method that helps taking products and services to market over the mobile phones.
Mike: So, this technique enables you to create a two-way dialogue with your contacts from the comfort of their mobile phones… am I right?
Jane: Yep, it’s used by consumer brands, TV and radio stations, and many other large organizations to provide alerts, offers, news, deals, coupons, and updates to their customers.
Mike: I see now… all these organizations use text messages to provide all their time sensitive information to their customers, wherever they may be.
Jane: What you want, is instant guaranteed connections with real customers to bring buyers through the front door with their credit cards already half out of their wallets… 
Mike: And keep bringing in business on demand not just once, but again and again.
Jane: You got that right… every business seeks to attract new guests, maintain traffic flow, and build relationships with their customer base.
Mike: I guess that flyers, newsletters, and print ads are not as effective as it used to be… what happened to other traditional ways to market your business? Are they dead also? 
Jane: Yellow Pages advertising is dead or dying, newspapers are choking for readers, billboards get ignored, TV and radio ads cost a small fortune. Successful businesses are adopting new and powerful digital technologies that their audience cannot live without, like text messaging. Texting is now the number one use for mobile phones!
Mike: I heard that… text is big. I read that its use is more than calls, email, games, web surfing, and social media combined… and one in five text offers gets forwarded to friends.
Jane: Think about it… how many texts messages do you receive and ignore? If you’re like most people, probably none… texts are almost impossible to ignore… when they come in, they are the only thing displayed on your mobile phone screen. You cannot walk into any big business without seeing text marketing campaigns advertised, and the best part is text marketing is no longer only for the big guys, like most of the small business owners think, but if you have a business, you have to take action now. If a competitor business down the street will start using text marketing, they will get all your customers and the new ones, and before you know it, you will lose business.
Mike: That’s kind of scary, isn’t it? Do you have additional data to support this marketing technique?
Jane: Consider that, there are over five billion mobile phones worldwide, 250 million in the US alone, and virtually all phones are text message capable… SMS comes with the phone service… text messages have over 10 times more response rate than emails, and emails could be read only on smartphones… not to mention that there is no junk folder for texts like for email… 97% of text messages read compared to less than 40% of email solicitations… 90% of texts messages are opened in less than 3 minutes, versus emails that could take days to be opened.
Mike: Wow, this looks like the best advertising media ever!
Jane: Yep, text marketing has more potential to increase business than any other media… 20% return on investment.
Mike: What kind of business could use text marketing?
Jane: Restaurants, bars, doctors, dentists, chiropractors, lawyers, retail, real estate, golf clubs, gyms, auto sales, car repair, car wash, venues, art galleries, churches, schools.
Mike: I see that almost any business could use text marketing. How would they use the service?
Jane: Advertise coupons, happy hours events, sales listing, info, updates, news, reminders, alerts, appointments, openings and schedule, new products and services, and as lead generator.
Mike: To summarize, with text marketing you can attract new business, create a loyal customer base, drive instant traffic, and ultimately increase sales… 
Jane: But, remember, targeting local customers and generating traffic is not easy, especially with more and more competitors entering the market. You need a specialized marketing agency like eMarketing 21 to manage effectively all contacts and messaging campaigns for you… click on the link to contact them!
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