How To Write A Blog

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How to write a blog to be appreciated by your visitors

blog-marketing-mobile-wordpress-blog-how-to-write-a-blog-post-blog-websitesUseful content is what people want in order to visit and come back to your blog websites and do business with you. Every visitor is important and could make the difference between success and failure for your business. By creating compelling content and uploading constantly fresh content, you can rank your blog websites very well in the search engines. Be helpful! The strategy that works best in the long run is usefulness.  Just answering your visitors’ questions it is not enough. Your blog websites must use the journalism techniques telling engaging stories and using figures and facts. Make a list with the most popular questions asked about your services or products. Every question can be a piece of content and lead to a blog article.

Here is how to write a blog in a few steps

1. First, you will have to research the keywords or keyword phrases that you think people are searching for. Your content should provide the information they are looking for. This is the foundation of how to write a blog when it comes to be ranked well by Google and for this task you can use tools like Google Keyword Planner. Three keywords or keyword phrases are enough for one blog. Use those keywords in headlines, and at least in the beginning, middle, and the end of the blog.

2. It is important to use your targeted keyword or keyword phrase in the blog title. Search engines want to offer relevant results to searchers and the title tag it becomes also a headline which should answer the searchers’ questions with the same words they use when they searched the net. Writing the perfect headline makes it more likely that someone will use it to link back to you. You can not attract a reader if the benefits he will have by visiting your blog are not quickly communicated. Also, keeping a reader from hitting the ‘back’ button is paramount for the health of your blog websites. Therefore, when you link to a different page or blog website, make sure you use ‘Open link in a new window/tab’ option.

How to write a blog to rank well

3. A lot of what determines how well a page ranks depends on the age and the authority of the blog websites. If you have a newer blog website, you will need links from authoritative sources in order to rank for a competitive search term. And this goes back to the quality of your content which must be impressive. Answer the searchers’ questions more comprehensive than your competition does to gain authority and get links from authoritative blog websites. Search engines favor websites that have a lot of frequently updated and relevant content with authoritative links. It is beneficial to link your blog’s pages and to cross-reference them from within future posts as well. You can also feature a link to your essential content in the sidebar. Link to the basic content blogs when that require an understanding of more advanced topics.

4. You should make things friendly to use and easy to understand from a searcher’s standpoint. However, if the content is overwhelming the reader may bookmark the page for a return visit, and this can lead to increased traffic if the bookmarking occurs on a social network. Do not forget the sharing buttons. Social media could become your main traffic source using the sharing plugins.

5. Tweaking the content can also boost your blog websites ranking.

How to write a blog offline

6. There is a lot of blogging software to manage your blog websites content and learn how to write a blog offline. Probably the most complex and easy to use because of its familiar interface (it looks like any other Microsoft Office application) is Window Live Writer. You can download it for free from Microsoft website. If you have trouble publishing images or videos in your blog posts, offline editing is the way to go. With an offline blog editor, you do not need an Internet connection until the post is ready to be published. If your Internet connection goes down your post will not be lost. Offline editing is faster than publishing from within the online blogging platform. It is also faster to publish to multiple blog websites because you don’t have to log in and out various accounts. With an offline blog editor, you can copy and paste content without carrying any supplementary code added by the blogging platform.

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