Digital Marketing for the 21st Century

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Digital Marketing is the most important component of an online business.

Sometimes it is referred to as: Internet Marketing, i-Marketing, Web Marketing, Online Marketing or e-Marketing.

Digital Marketing is marketing of products or services over the Internet.

digital-marketing-eM21Marketing is the process of promoting goods or services. The final objective is to sell these products. The focus of all marketing actions should be on the customer in order to stay profitable. Your main goal should be to create, keep, and satisfy the customer.

The 21st Century Digital Marketing is a lot more challenging.

Digital Marketing is influenced by the extremely fast pace of new technology developments and the new marketing concepts and tools. It is very difficult to keep up the pace and this blog is dedicated to help you do this by bringing to you the related novelties and information in Digital Marketing. Recent approaches in offline marketing are the relationship marketing with focus on the customer, the business marketing or industrial marketing with focus on an organization or institution and the social marketing with focus on benefits to the society (Dennis Adcock, Al Halborg, Caroline Ross – Marketing: principles and practice, ed.4, 2001). Same approaches are valid for Digital Marketing as well. If you want to have a successful business, keep this in mind: in a market economy, a company survives only by producing goods that people are willing and able to buy. Your company should focus its activities and products on consumer demands. There are three ways of doing this: the customer-driven approach (consumer desire is driving all marketing decisions), identifying market changes approach (taking quick steps to follow these changes), and the product innovation approach (assuming that your product is innovative enough to draw people’s attention and is in demand).

Digital Marketing is using the same principles as Offline Marketing, but tools are different.

Website Design and Development( websites), Apps Development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing are all components of Digital Marketing and we’ll talk about them in separate articles. I will also write about new digital marketing techniques, concepts, strategies like Text Message Marketing, Event Marketing, Reputation Management, Content Marketing, etc.

eMarketing 21 is dedicated to help small and home business with most aspects of Digital Marketing and is specializing in Local Mobile Marketing.

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