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Small businesses could lease now a mobile website optimized for local search for less than $1 per day.


Mobile Website for a Gift Shop

Any business would like to be ranked on top by major search engines. Designing, developing, and maintaining a website is a major expense for a small business. The vast majority of design companies sell websites. Mobile website lease is a new approach. Renting a website already on top in the search engines is a much more appealing approach to the small business owners who want their business to be found locally right away. Even larger businesses would like to rent a website ranked on top rather than developing their own website and be lost somewhere in the cyberspace.

We offer a portfolio of mobile websites targeted for a specific business type in a specific city and ranking on top in Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other major engines. You just have to replace the contact information for your business. This is similar to the brick and mortar real estate leasing and it’s filling up a big niche: mobile marketing for small local business. Instead, you rent Internet real estate in a hot location and get the power to compete on local level successfully with big corporations.

Mobile website lease eliminates the need for expensive website development and maintenance.

The mobile website lease approach it’s not based on hype or magic software. It’s based on real demand from a credible and stable clientele who is searching the mobile Internet for local services and products. A small business should be able to be found via mobile search as consumers regularly use their smartphones and tablets to find and act on information. Most local businesses that do not have high visibility in smartphone search and local Internet are losing a fortune right now. For example, my accountant has his own fancy looking website that in almost 2 years never produced a single hot prospect. That’s because his website is not easy to find when people are searching for local accountants and is not optimized for smartphones and tablets which makes it difficult to view it on these devices (a lot more scrolling and zooming is necessary to be able to view that site on a mobile device).

Mobile websites optimized for local search would solve that problem.

People search on smartphones the local Internet to find a local business they want to buy from. This is the main trend and local Internet visibility on mobile devices is more important to small business right now than it ever has been in the past. Research has shown that when people go online to search out a local business, a local service or product, they are looking for a venue they can purchase from. And when they get to that point (mobile local search), they are in the buying mode. They are ready to buy!

With mobile website lease it’s easy, cost effective, and risk free to funnel those buyers to your local business doorsteps.

With eMarketing 21 leasing system you’ll get your mobile website up and well positioned in local search right away, and you will only have to replace your telephone number, email information, social media accounts, and images. The mobile websites could be rented on a fixed price basis ($29.70/month) with different discounted packages depending on the length of the rental contract. Website hosting is included. Additional website customization is available at an affordable rate of $47/hour.

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