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Over the last weekend I was busy attending the virtual TrafficRockStars show, produced by StarExpos, a very good initiative in spite of some technical issues (they are using a new technology). The goal of this show was to offer to as many people as possible international info access to traffic building for their websites.

An excellent Twitter platform (a piece of software I purchased and I am really excited about) has been presented at this expo: MarketMeTweet – Twitter Marking for Business. The newest version of the software is called MarketMeSuite.

There is nothing new that a lot of companies are trying to develop marketing tools for social media, especially for Twitter and Facebook. But, after I tried this one, I am almost using it exclusively due to its flexibility, robustness (although there are some fixes the authors are working on), simplicity, and capabilities:

Twitter Management – friends timelines, replies/mentions, easily manage and delete direct messages, groups, search and more

Scheduled Tweets – you can accurately schedule as many tweets as you like, up to a year in advance

Search – you can easily keep up to date with all the latest tweets and up to date on who is searching you and your company, and respond with deadly accuracy

OAuth Secure – uses OAuth security encryption, which means NEVER stores your Twitter username or password

Reply Campaigns – it allows you to create hundreds of reply templates and finds users directly connected to your niche helping you to improve the quality of your matches

Brand Management – first Twitter application to allow you to brand every single tweet, and even better, with multiple brands and easy set up

Multiple Twitter Accounts – completely unlimited,  so you can run multiple twitter accounts and multiple brands all under the same MarketMeSuite account

Language Targeted Users – build a following of users who speak the same language

Engage in Conversation – makes it easy and fun to engage your potential customers in conversation

Multiple Computers – you can take your marketing data anywhere you go and access them from whatever computer you wish

Group Management – you can create groups, an easy way for you to filter your friends’ tweets and keep up to date

Smart Following and Unfollowing Algorithm – find highly targeted followers, and unfollow only those who are not enriching your account

Location Targeted Following – your matches for new followers can be in the same place as you

Updates – based on feedback from customers

Price – fix, affordable price and No Monthly or Re-occuring Fees!

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