Google News – 021610

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Google to add Social Media to Gmail

Google Inc. is taking a swipe at Facebook Inc. and Twitter Inc. with a new feature that makes it easier for users of Gmail to view media and status updates shared online by their friends…  read more


Is Google Stealing Your Content and Hijacking Your Traffic?

Giving Google the copyright to the information for free right out of the gate is the same as giving them permission to steal and develop a money making operation based on your labors without giving you any of the action…  read more

UK proposal gives copyright immunity to Google


The Guardian of London reports a conservative member of Parliament is proposing a new clause to the Digital Economy Bill that requires any publicly accessible website to “give a standing and non-exclusive license to providers of search engine services to make a copy of some or all of the content of that website”…  read more

Google to Push Google Voice, Google Wave to Businesses


Google Enterprise President Dave Girouard said the company will release a version of Google Voice for businesses, roll out Google Wave to all users who want it and deliver as many as 200 small features to Google Apps in 2010… read more


Google warns Chinese copycat website

The warning issued to the “Goojje” website comes as Google is contemplating its future in China after saying it would no longer obey government censorship rules and could pull out entirely over alleged cyberattacks…  read more


Four Things That Scare Google

The humbler beast that has emerged in 2010 is facing four definite threats; recent news has shown the company building preemptive bulwarks against them…  read more

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