Marketing Your Business With Instagram

Companies could take advantage of social media to advertise their brand. For individuals, social media is a method of getting in touch with persons from throughout the planet. Instagram is among the most popular new kids on the block as far as social media is involved. One good reason why people love Instagram is because of the ability to share pictures to other people. This is exactly what marketers want because they know that the public is much more interested in pictures compared to uninteresting texts. Continue reading

4 Things to Remember When Launching Your Customer Loyalty Program

Customer Loyalty Program is an extension of the Loyalty Business Model. The program is a marketing technique designed to encourage loyal buying behavior, especially retail sales. This committed habit benefits the firm because it increases sales. Likewise, it benefits the Continue reading

Knowing When To Share on Social Media: The Best Times To Blog, Post on Facebook, and Tweet

We spend countless hours thinking about what we post on our blogs and social media channels, but when was the last time you thought about when? Maybe it’s time to start paying more attention, because the timing of a post Continue reading

5 Factors to Consider as an Online Marketer When Choosing Your Niche

Becoming an online marketer is reliant on successfully choosing a niche. Whether you are a writer, a website builder, or are starting your own company of products, choosing your niche is reliant on five key factors: Is your product evergreen? Continue reading

The Many Benefits of Learning Mobile Apps Technology for Web Designers

by Sam Mauzy Thanks to technology, there practically isn’t a business out there that doesn’t have a website. From super simplistic to extremely advanced, websites have a place in every type of business you can think of. However, with the Continue reading